eCapsicum - Who We Are

eCapsicum is a global technology company devoted to delivering knowledge that matters to help clients compete, innovate and propel forward. Our company, provides product engineering and information technology services to a top-tier Fortune 50-1000 clientele, start-ups, leading universities and government entities around the globe.
In addition to the Government sector, we serve a variety of industries, including: Healthcare, Life Sciences, Medical Devices, Manufacturing, Industrial Automation, Semiconductor, Storage, Energy, eCommerce.

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Web Development

A web application with utmost usability, reliability and portability, secure and adaptable in nature! If versatile web application is the point on priority.

Mobile Solutions

Their desktops or laptops for their transaction online, browse enormous amounts of data or utilize web applications,With the advent of iPhones, Android and Windows Phone.

ERP Solutions

We provide ERP solutions to different types of businesses ranging from established ERP customers who require enhancements in (ROI).

Delivering on the Promise

Customer 360° and Campaign Management

Increased revenue by $77M.

Data Warehouse Optimization

Achieved an annual savings of $3.0M.

Advanced Fraud Protection & Risk Management

Increased revenue by $322M. Reduced fraudulent transactions by 30% .

Compliance & Regulatory Reporting

Improved Regulatory reporting cycle by 60%.

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